Cox Launches Local Sites


Cox Interactive Media said Wednesday that the number of unique visitors to
its network increased dramatically since it launched broadband content in 20 Cox
Communications Inc. high-speed
cable-modem markets
in late December.

Content on the new pages includes local movie and restaurant guides; weather;
classified ads; calendars of events and sports; stock updates; and local and
national news.

The sites also include broadband-specific content, including movie trailers,
video games and music videos.

The new broadband sites led to a 15 percent increase in page views and a 26
percent increase in unique visitors on the network in the week following the
sites' Dec. 27 launch, the company said in a press release.

In 10 of the markets, the content's start pages are branded
Baton Rouge, La.; Cleveland; Connecticut; Humbolt County, Calif.; Macon, Ga.;
Palos Verdes, Calif.; Roanoke, Va.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Tucson, Ariz.; and
west Texas.

Those 10 markets were not previously served by Cox