Cox Launches Subscriber Broadband Usage Meter

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Cox Communications this week debuted a bandwidth usage-meter tool in its Gulf Coast market in northwest Florida, to let customers check to see if they're getting close to their maximum monthly data limits.

The network-based tool, designed by Cox, allows customers to monitor their bandwidth usage by viewing daily and monthly reports of their consumption. The MSO caps subscribers' upstream and downstream data consumption at various levels, ranging from 30 Gigabytes per month for the Starter or Economy tiers to 400 GB for the Ultimate package that provides downstream connection speeds up to 50 Mbps

"We plan to deploy this on a market-by-market basis to the rest of our service areas throughout the balance of this year," Cox product communications manager David Deliman said.

Comcast has widely deployed a similar tool for customers to check their monthly usage, available to the MSO's customers in more than 20 states. Comcast caps monthly usage at 200 GB for all broadband subscribers.

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