Cox Lifts Veil on VOD Data

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Cox Communications Inc. said it is beginning to share more detailed information about subscribers who watch video-on-demand content, including breakdowns of views by ZIP code.

The MSO said it will now offer advertisers on its “FreeZone” VOD platform data on several metrics, including unique households viewing content; average duration that content was viewed; total views; share of enabled subscribers viewing the content; number of views per ZIP code; number of views per psychographic profile; propensity to view based on psychographic profile; number of views per daypart; number of repeat views per household; and share of active subscribers viewing content.

Advertisers have criticized some major MSOs for not releasing enough information on how subscribers watch VOD content.

Comcast Corp. and Cablevision Systems Corp. currently only provide monthly reports to advertisers that detail the number of VOD set-tops enabled; total views by set-top; unique set-top views; and total minutes viewed for each program.

No cable operators currently provide advertisers with reports involving “trick modes,” which would detail whether subscribers fast-forward through programming or commercials.

Cox also said Monday that it signed a local ad deal for FreeZone with Tourism Australia and its ad agency, Dailey & Associates Advertising.

About 1.1 million Cox digital subscribers have access to FreeZone content.