Cox Makes Home Healthcare Connection

Teams With Cleveland Clinic On ‘Vivre Health’ Telehealth Alliance
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Taking aim at an emerging growth opportunity for cable operators, Cox Communications  said it has hooked up with the Cleveland Clinic to form Vivre Health, a strategic alliance focused on bringing homecare to the home using broadband and other technologies. 

Cox also said it has also invested in HealthSpot, a company focused on patient and provider-driven telehealth technology. HealthSpot has developed a digital, kiosk-like station/healthcare delivery platform that relies on cloud-based software and is being trialed in several states by healthcare, pharmacy and retail services providers. According to HealthSpot, those stations, which provide some functions provided at traditional walk-in clinics, enable patients to interact with board-certified healthcare providers using high definition video conferencing while providing an array of connected medical devices that stream biomedical information in real time (this video shows a HealthSpot station in action). 

The Cleveland Clinic, Cox's telehealth alliance partner, runs a system that includes eight community hospitals and more than 75 outpatient locations in Northern Ohio. 

"We are thrilled to be working with such a respected leader in the healthcare space," Asheesh Saksena, Cox’s executive vice president and chief strategy officer, said in a statement. "Fueled by access to broadband, we believe the home will be an increasingly important node within the healthcare delivery architecture and Vivre Health is uniquely positioned to help drive this transformation."  

Telehealth is considered to be among the types of applications and services that could take advantage of 1-gig speeds. For its part, Cox has pledged to deliver residential Gigabit Internet speeds to all markets it serves by the end of 2016.

Cox has begun to roll out a 1-Gig residential service, branded as G1GABLAST, to parts of Phoenix, with Las Vegas and Omaha among the markets that are next in line.