Cox Media, Magna Global To Pitch Programmatic TV

Will Use AudienceXpress Platform
CoxMedia  400x300.jpg

Cox Media, the advertising division of Cox Communications, has hooked up with Magna Global to form a private programmatic TV marketplace that uses the AudienceXpress platform.

They said the agreement will enable Magna Global advertisers to execute television advertising through a unified interface that targets their optimal audiences across the Cox Media’s inventory in more than 20 DMAs nationwide. AudienceXpress is the programmatic division of Visible World.

The AudienceXpress-powered system from Cox Media and Magna Global is expected to debut in early 2015. According to the companies, it will be capable of providing custom next day reporting and application of first- and third-party audience data sets, allowing Magna Global to specify and measure geographic concentration of their campaigns based on the audience data in addition to audience composition by network and day-part.

The result of those programmatic campaigns, they said, will provide advertisers with a higher degree of targeting capacity and measurability.

"This new private marketplace with MAGNA GLOBAL defines a significant step forward in helping ad buyers connect their messages with high quality audiences at scale," said Mike Zeigler, Cox Media vice president of business development, in a statement.

"This partnership represents a very important step for programmatic TV," added Todd Gordon, EVP, MAGNA Marketplace, MAGNA GLOBAL. "By leveraging Cox Media's inventory on AudienceXpress' best-in-class TV buying platform we are building a valuable tool to help our clients make smarter, more informed media buys."    

At the recent NewBay Media NYC Television Week in New York, ad execs said a more automated, programmatic model will help advertisers reach audiences as they become more fragmented, but agreed that it will serve as a complementary component that won’t completely overtake how TV ads are bought and sold, particuarly when it comes to television’s biggest, most popular shows.