Cox Nears Deal with Fairfax


Two months after Fairfax County, Va., began fining Cox $2,000 per day for
failing to upgrade its system there, the MSO and the county are close to an
agreement on a revised upgrade plan.

When Fairfax told Cox in July that it would fine the company, the county said
the fines -- which were to be placed in an escrow account -- would be returned
to Cox if it upgraded 95 percent of the 230,000-subscriber system by May.

Cox was also told to come up with a new upgrade schedule, and the Fairfax
County Board of Supervisors plans to vote on the new schedule at a meeting
Monday night, said Ron Mallard, director of the county's department of cable
communications and consumer protection.

Alex Horwitz, Cox's northern Virginia spokesman, confirmed that the system
has proposed a new upgrade schedule but wouldn't detail the plan.

As of last week, Cox had completed upgrades on 70 percent of the system,
Horwitz added.