Cox Offers Motorola Home Theater


Cox Communications Inc.'s system in Hampton Roads, Va., will be the site of
the first retail launch of Motorola Inc.'s 'DCP501' home-theater system.

The DCP501 includes the capabilities of a DVD/CD/MP3 player; a digital 5.1
audio/video receiver with five channels times 100 watts and an AM/FM stereo
receiver; and an interactive digital-cable receiver.

'By offering the Motorola DCP501 directly to consumers, we've created a
triple-win situation for operators, retailers, and consumers,' said Dwight
Sakuma, senior director of retail for Motorola Broadband Communications Sector's
digital-consumer-gateways business, in a release.

'The Motorola DCP501 allows consumers to get the advanced digital-cable
services Cox offers to the marketplace -- including video-on-demand, premium
digital channels, digital music channels, an interactive program guide, and
others -- in the same piece of advanced equipment that delivers superior DVD and
CD performance,' added Doug Stroud, director of retail for Cox's Hampton Roads