Cox Offers Top-Tier Support for Home Networks


Cox Communications is offering
customers more hand-holding — for a price.

The operator last week reintroduced a
premium tech-support service in New England
to help subscribers fix their PCs, set up
home networks and lend a hand with other
digital devices.

Cox Tech Solutions for broadband customers
in Connecticut and Rhode Island offers
unlimited phone and remote log-in premium
technical support plus discounted in-home
services for $14.99 per month covering up to
four computers. Cox also offers a range of
one-time services on an a la carte basis.

The revamped service — which, unlike the
MSO’s regular tech support, covers third-party
computer software and some hardware — is
at present available only in New England.

The operator previously offered Cox Tech
Solutions in several markets through the end
of 2008 but phased it out because “customer
response in the challenging economy caused
us to refocus on our core businesses and the
expansion of our bundle to include wireless,”
Cox spokesman David Deliman said.

Since then, Cox “continued to hear from
customers that advanced technical support
is of interest to them, so we’re launching a
new version of Cox Tech Solutions on a pilot
basis in New England,” Deliman added.

The subscription requires a technician to visit
to a subscriber’s home to perform an initial
computer tune-up, which carries a $99.99 fee.

Cox is working with a third-party vendor,
Billerica, Mass.-based PlumChoice, to provide
support for some features. However,
“Cox is ultimately responsible for our customers’
experience,” Deliman said, noting
that the service is an MSO-branded offering.

As part of the Cox Tech Solutions program,
the MSO provides PC Healthcheck, a tool
that lets customers maintain optimal performance
on their PCs and provides access to advanced
technical support, if necessary.