Cox Reels Out Phishing-Protection Software


Cox Communications Inc. rolled out new anti-phishing security software that it hopes will keep customers from taking the bait from identity thieves.

In phishing, hackers send a user an e-mail that looks like an official notification from a bank or service, requesting that they go to a Web site and enter sensitive account or credit-card information.

Now available via download to Cox high-speed Internet customers, the free anti-phishing” software automatically checks every Internet address a customer tries to access against a known list of phishing sites.

If users do attempt to access such a site, the software redirects them to a Cox educational Web page. The page warns them that the site they tried to access is a suspected phishing site, and it provides information about phishing and its dangers, but it also gives users the option to go ahead and access the suspect site if they choose.

Cox worked with online-security outfit Authentium Inc. to develop the software.

"Cox's new anti-phishing software is part of our ongoing campaign to keep our customers productive and worry-free online by providing valuable information and software at no extra charge,” said Steve Gorman, vice president of product marketing and management for high-speed-Internet service.