Cox Releases ‘FreeZone’ Results


Since Cox Communications Inc. launched its free advertising-on-demand service one year ago in San Diego, more than 2 million advertising videos have been accessed by one-half of all cable customers in the system.

What's more, those viewers accessed 3.76 videos per week, and each unique viewer spent 25 minutes per week watching advertising content.

"Depth and duration are the new significant metrics emerging," said David Porter, director of new-media advertising for Cox Media Services, in a release.

Cox called upon Frank N. Magid Associates Inc. to conduct research into consumer attitudes about the advertising. "Our research shows that viewers of FreeZone advertising have higher brand recall than nonviewers," said Jodi Gusek, executive director of emerging-media research for Magid, in a prepared statement.

Porter said the average response rate for FreeZone advertisers was 4.4%, double traditional direct-mail rates.