Cox San Diego Sets Nevers, Double-Take Offer


For the first time in the system's history, Cox
Communications Inc.'s Cox Cable of San Diego participated in Viewer's
Choice's pay-per-view movie/event promotions offer.

In an attempt to build on last Saturday's Showtime
Event Television Evander Holyfield-Henry Akinwande PPV-boxing event, Cox presented to its
more than 482,000 subscribers a Double Take offer, in which viewers who ordered the fight
or any other PPV event will receive one free PPV movie, said Marty Youngman, senior
product manager for the system.

Youngman said the system didn't take advantage of
Viewer's Choice's first few Double Take promotions, but with the
Holyfield-Akinwande fight -- the first major PPV-boxing event of the year -- as well as
with several concerts and wrestling events scheduled for this month, the system felt that
it was time to try to bring more viewers into the fold.

"We had a major fight scheduled, which could bring in
15,000 to 20,000 orders, so we thought that this would be the best time to offer it,"
Youngman said. "There seem to be a lot of people who buy PPV events, but who
don't purchase movies."

Indeed, Viewer's Choice has consistently reported that
systems participating in the promotion have increased PPV revenues by 30 cents per
addressable subscriber, as well as increasing movie and event buy-rates for several months
after the offer ends.

To promote the offer, Cox is placing movie coupons -- which
subscribers need to turn in to get free movies -- in its PPV billstuffers, as well as in
its program guide, Youngman said.

Along with the Double Take offer, Cox will roll out a
"Nevers" campaign for July. Cox subscribers who haven't ordered PPV in the
past six months can order one movie for 99 cents and a second movie for $1.99, Cox said.

The two promotions are part of the of the system's
push to increase PPV revenues in an otherwise-slow year. In an effort to take advantage of
the burgeoning PPV-wrestling genre, Cox has reached out to a local radio station to help
promote upcoming wrestling events.

The station will provide monthly promotions for World
Wrestling Federation events through the rest of the year, Youngman said.

"We are making a number of plans to get back to budget
[for PPV]," he added.