Cox Signs ZDTV Deal


ZDTV, the 24-hour computer- and Internet-related channel,
has reached a corporate-affiliation agreement with Cox Communications Inc., and it will
also be tested for two weeks at Comcast Corp. systems in New Jersey.

Starting July 29, Cox will offer ZDTV as part of its Cox
Digital TV service in Connecticut and Rhode Island. ZDTV will then seek to get additional
rollouts on Cox systems in other parts of the country.

"ZDTV is a great fit for Cox customers," said
Ajit Dalvi, Cox's senior vice president of programming and strategy, in a prepared
statement. "ZDTV offers Cox customers innovative, original programming, emphasizing
the role of technology in our homes, schools and businesses. We believe that ZDTV ... can
help to drive our high-speed cable-modem business."

Cox's digital service in the Meriden, Conn., area
passes 40,000 homes and, by the end of the month, it will pass 100,000 homes in Warwick,
East Greenwich and East Coventry, R.I., a Cox spokeswoman said.

The MSO's affiliation agreement with ZDTV covers both
analog and digital carriage, but it hasn't been determined in what other markets Cox
will launch the service. Cox may carry ZDTV on analog on some systems, the spokeswoman

In addition to the Cox deal, Comcast will make ZDTV
available to 235,000 subscribers in New Jersey on its "Sneek Peek" channel, on
which customers get to watch new services and vote on whether they like them or not. That
two-week trial will end July 31. Comcast uses input from Sneek Peek to determine which
programming services to add when it gets space.