Cox Still Seeking 40% of N.O. Workers

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Cox Communications Inc. had been able to locate only about 60% of its 1,000 New Orleans employees as of late Thursday, according to the company.

The operator has set up a toll-free number to allow workers to contact the cable company to identify their locations and to provide future work information, but disseminating the information in the Crescent City is hard with no working phones, power or local broadcast medium to aid distribution of the information.

Cox president and CEO Jim Robbins said the top priority of the company is locating the remaining employees, followed by the swift restoration of vital services to consumers.

The company will continue to pay workers and hope to put available employees back on the job shortly in some capacity. Cox is committed to rebuilding the system in the city back into a state-of-the-art facility “as quickly as humanly possible,” added Pat Esser, Cox COO.

Cox’s toll-free employee check-in number is (800) 637-3545, option 7.