Cox System Accepts Anti-Bush Ad


Cox Communications Inc. in Phoenix decided to accept a commercial from ( that is critical
of President George W. Bush's proposed tax cut.

Entitled "Blood," the spot depicts a blood drive held to help pay a teacher's
salary. It is reportedly a re-creation of an actual blood drive held in Oregon
recently, at which parents lined up to sell their blood to help pay an
educator's salary.

Originally, Cox had declined to accept the media buy because, "Based on a
review of just the script, [there were] concerns that the television spot was in
poor taste and the portrayal would prove offensive to viewers," according to a
statement from Cox Phoenix spokeswoman Andrea Katsenes.

After reviewing the completed spot, Cox decided that "the message is
acceptable," she added.

Zimmerman & Markman is the ad agency for MoveOn, an online
political-activist group.