Cox Taps SeaChange for Local Ad Insertion


SeaChange International Inc. won a big spot with Cox Communications Inc.,
announcing a deal that will put its digital ad-insertion system in the MSO's
systems through 2003.

SeaChange -- which has deployed its 'Transport Streams Insertion' technology
in the Phoenix and Orange County, Calif., systems -- will expand that to Cox's
larger systems by the end of this year and to the remaining systems during

TSI will allow Cox to insert local ads on all of its digital networks,
serving more than 1 million subscribers.

'As we complete final site preparations, a growing number of digital-cable
networks will be added to our local ad sales inventory in this strategic digital
tier,' said Guy McCormick, Cox's vice president of technical operations for its
CableRep Advertising division.

Cox has been using SeaChange's analog ad-insertion systems for basic cable,
and it is now looking to add the digital-channel tier with TSI. A rack-mounted
unit, TSI automatically draws from a local database of ads and inserts them into
the digital-programming stream.

This year, nine Cox master control centers and associated headends are
targeted for the upgrade, serving Hampton Roads and northern Virginia; New
England; New Orleans; Oklahoma City; Omaha, Neb.; San Diego; and Tulsa, Okla. In
these markets, an average of six digital-cable networks will be added to the
local ad-sales inventory.

'Transport Streams Insertion is valuable for sustaining and building ad
revenues and is vital for promoting value-added services like video-on-demand,
cable modems and new programming packages,' McCormick said.