Cox Time-Shifts NBC In High-Def


Cox Communications has added six of NBC's primetime shows in high-definition to its MyPrimetime VOD service, which provides on-demand access to TV programs starting the day after they air.

The new HD content includes episodes of The Office,30 Rock, Community, Parks and Recreation, Mercy and Heroes. In addition, Cox has added standard-definition versions of NBC's Saturday Night Live to MyPrimetime. Other networks offering HD content through the Cox service include ABC, AMC and WeTV.

"MyPrimetime gives our customers anytime access to some of the season's hottest programming in crystal clear HD, whenever they want it," said Cox senior vice president of marketing David Pugliese.

Cox's MyPrimetime includes shows from more than 20 networks, including ABC, NBC, USA Network, AMC, TBS, TNT, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, Syfy, Cartoon Network, FX and AMC. The MSO says the VOD service provides more than 200 episodes available at a given time, with more than 300 over the course of a month.

Programs are available the day after premiering on the network and are free to Cox digital-cable customers; the fast-forwarding feature is disabled to preserve ad views. According to Turner Broadcasting System, the MyPrimetime increased views of eight top shows from TNT, TBS and Cartoon Network by almost 10% within three days of air.

MyPrimetime is available most of Cox's markets, including Orange County, Calif.; San Diego; Santa Barbara, Calif.; New England; Kansas/Arkansas; Arizona; Macon, Ga.; Roanoke, Va.; Tulsa, Okla.; Greater Louisiana; and Omaha, Neb.

The MSO said the remaining markets will be launching the service by early 2010.