CRA Vote Action Day Launched

Reddit pushes ‘polite’ effort to get Congress to nullify Republican-led network neutrality repeal

The top item on Reddit Tuesday morning (Feb. 27) was the "Upvote the Downvote" call to Congress to nullify the FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom order, which was approved Dec. 14.

That came as net neutrality activists launched their "OneMoreVote" day of action to try and secure one more Republican vote for a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution rolling back the reg rollback, though the CRA would then need lots more Democratic and Republican votes in the House and the President's signature. Other participating sites include Tumblr, Etsy, Medium, and GitHub.

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If it got to the President's desk, those activists are hoping it is the "drain the swamp," "big media are too powerful" President that wields the pen, which is at least a possibility. But even if the resolution fails to run that gauntlet, another goal is to keep the spotlight on the issue, which activists and Democrat backers of the CRA say will be a midterm campaign issue.

Reddit also prominently displayed promos for the net neutrality pushback featuring Snoo, Reddit's resident alien logo, promos that link to an action plan on the site for contacting Congress, including a call for civility.

"Be polite. That thing your grandma said about the flies and the honey and the vinegar is right. Remember, the people who disagree with us are the ones we need to convince," the site advises.

Some of the Reddit posts targeting FCC chair Ajit Pai have been anything but polite, or civil, demonstrating the passions, and ugliness, the issue has generated.

The protest was organized by Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Free Press Action Fund. It includes a planned rally on the Senate side of Capitol Hill.

With the publication of the FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom order last week, Congress has 60 legislative days to pass a CRA resolution.