Craigslist Founder Backs Genachowski's Net Neutrality Order

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Count Craigslist founder and open Internet fan Craig Newmark among those supporting Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski's net neutrality item, which was just circulated for a vote at the Dec. 21 meeting.

He said he was looking for a balance between fairness and as little government involvement as possible.

"As the founder of Craigslist and a passionate believer in the economic and social benefits of an open and free Internet, I proudly endorse the Chairman's historic efforts to protect these important principles in our society," Newmark said in a statement Wednesday. "Common-sense rules of the road will help ensure certainty in markets while also preserving the openness and freedom of the Internet that has helped generate millions of jobs and share billions of ideas around the world. To clarify, I'm interested in preserving traditional American values like fairness and a level-playing, with the least amount of government involvement."