Critics Promise To Watch NBCU Carefully


The ink was hardly dry on the Comcast/NBCU deal Saturday when critics filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission promising to keep a close eye on the new company and asking commission chairman Julius Genachowski to do the same.

Groups signing the lettter included Free Press. Media Access Project, Common Cause and the Writers Guild of American East.

They echoed the same concerns they expressed in numerous filings over the course fo the past year.
The Comcast-NBC merger is the new face of media consolidation," they wrote. "As organizations representing hundreds of thousands of diverse, local citizens around the country, we are pledging today to be vigorous watchdogs, monitoring this newly merged media giant, and consistent advocates for the public interest. We ask you to make the same pledge."
Comcast has made its own pledge to keep an eye on the new company, volunteering to name an ombudsman to oversee compliance with FCC conditions and its own pledges and side deals with independent producers and minority groups.