CTA Blasts NRDC Over TV Testing Charges

Says group has been waging war against television industry

The Consumer Technology Association has fired back hard at the National Resources Defense Council after allegations that TV set manufacturers Samsung, Vizio and LG Electronics had capitalized on energy consumption testing flaws.

“Today's report is consistent with NRDC’s typical approach – sensational-but-meaningless headlines, facts either misstated or irrelevant to the claims, and an inexplicable hostility to an industry that has done so much to reduce energy usage," said CTA president Gary Shapiro.

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He said TVs are an energy efficiency success story that belies the group's "war on the TV industry," adding that NRDC has taken undeserved credit for TV tech changes and "actually blocked enactment of a California law requiring recent data – not 20-year-old cathode-ray tube data – be used in measuring TV set efficiency."

"NRDC continues to wrongly claim mythical energy savings from the California regulations it pushed for, when in fact the history of technology proves that innovation has driven fundamental changes in video screen technology – a process NRDC had nothing to do with," Shapiro said.

“The TV settings used in the energy-efficiency testing processes can be and are used in the real world, unless consumers want a different viewing experience – any deception here comes only from the NRDC, and we hope its board and contributors begin an internal investigation into this misplaced hostility toward energy-efficient technology, blockage of science-based policy and personal vendetta by NRDC’s so-called scientists,” he added.