CTA Launches Consumer VR Initiative

VR stakeholders band together to offer industry definitions to help consumers understand what they’re getting
consumer technology association.jpg

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Dec. 19 announced that its Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Working Group has finalized industry definitions for VR and AR, in the hopes of easing any consumer confusion regarding the technologies.

The terms include:

-Virtual reality, which creates an all-digital environment that effectively replaces the user’s real-world environment.

-Augmented reality, which features overlays of digitally-created content in a user’s real-world environment.

-Mixed reality, which blends the user's real-world environment with digitally-created content, allowing both environments to coexist and interact with each other.

-360-degree video, which allows users to look in every direction.

-Immersive experience, which covers any “deeply-engaging, multisensory, digital experience, which can be delivered using VR, AR, 360-degree video, MR and/or other technologies.

The CTA AR/VR Working Group includes Amazon, AMD, Dolby, Fox Innovation Lab, GoPro, HTC Vive, Intel, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, Sony, Strvr, Technicolor and Translink Capital.

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