CTAM: Digital Subs Watch More TV


Television viewers who subscribe to digital cable or direct-broadcast
satellite services watch three to four more hours of TV each week than their
analog counterparts, according to research released Friday by the Cable &
Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

Digital cable and DBS customers also tend to watch more pay-per-view and
premium movies than analog-cable-only subscribers, the research said.

On average, 39 percent of digital-cable customers purchase one or more PPV
movies each month, and 32 percent of DBS customers buy at least one PPV movie.
Analog cable customers are more apt to rent videos than watch PPV movies. Only 5
percent of analog-cable customers purchase one or more PPV movies each

The data was gathered in August and September by the Ipsos-Reid Group, which
interviewed 1,200 DBS, analog-cable and digital-cable customers.

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