CTAM Guarantees Three Ideas from Workshop


CTAM, the cable industry's nonprofit marketing trade
association, wants Western Show attendees to add an extra day or two to their trips to
Anaheim, Calif., so that they can attend its pre-Western Show workshop on target

Scheduled for Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at the Anaheim Marriott,
the conference brings together a mix of marketing executives from cable operators and
networks, as well as target-marketing experts from outside of the industry.

Charlie Nooney, senior vice president of sales and
affiliate marketing for Disney Channel, is co-chairman of the workshop, along with Rob
Sadler, vice president of marketing for Time Warner Cable.

Nooney said that although discussing consumer databases may
not sound as sexy as other areas of marketing, the subject is critical to both networks
and operators, especially as consumer demographics continue to change.

A Tuesday-afternoon panel devoted to Hispanic marketing is
designed to help target the fastest-growing minority in the United States.

The systems that are ahead of the game are already paying
attention to database marketing, Nooney said. And over time, the industry will start to
see more systems devoting people and resources to it, he added.

Seth Morrison, vice president of marketing for CTAM,
admitted that cable hasn't done as good of a job with target marketing as it could have
because it was in a monopoly situation for so long.

"Our members are really clamoring for more
skill-building seminars," he said, especially as industry competition heats up.
"New products like digital video and high-speed data just call out for database

Families with school-aged children, for example, are more
likely to be candidates for Internet services, he added.

"We're guaranteeing that attendees will walk away with
at least three good ideas," Morrison said. The only requirement for participating in
the money-back guarantee, he added, is that participants must actually attend all of the

Nooney said general managers may feel more comfortable
sending their employees to an event if they're confident that their staff will walk away
with good, practical advice.

"Almost anyone in the business would benefit from
this," Nooney added, whether they're on the sales, marketing or technical side of the

Effective target marketing can be as simple as advertising
the right pay-per-view movies on the channels that are most likely to attract the same
type of audience, Morrison said.

"Operators have a tremendous resource in ad
avails," he added. "Remember that the audience that watches Nickelodeon is very
different from the one that watches ESPN or Lifetime [Television]."

The workshop starts Monday at 1 p.m., and continues Tuesday
from 8 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. Conference registration is $445 for members and $710 for

For a conference overview, check the CTAM Web site at www.ctam.com.