CTAM Live: Chairman's Award


The CTAM Chairman may, at their discretion, select certain members to receive a special award for extraordinary contributions to CTAM and the industry. In those years in which it is given out, the Chairman's Award is presented at the annual CTAM Summit. Prior to 1988, the Chairman's Award was called the President's Award.

Every year CTAM’s chairman can single out certain CTAM members for the Chairman’s Award for extraordinary contributions to the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing and the industry. This year, chairman Joe Rooney, chief marketing officer at Cox Communications, has chosen to honor all the local CTAM chapters around the country for their extraordinary efforts to engage and educate members about the industry and the marketing of its products.

“I know it’s a bit unorthodox choosing the chapters over an individual person but the chapters are such an important part of CTAM and its success,” Rooney said. “All the chapters stepped up their efforts in 2007 and we have seen tremendous growth at the local level.”

He should know, said Char Beales, CTAM president. Rooney served as a CTAM chapter president more than once during his career.

“No one knows how much the local chapters are the unsung hero of CTAM more than Joe. Despite the consolidation and changes over the years, we remain an industry of people who like to get together and share their experiences and successes,” Beales said. “And unlike marketers in other industries, we can get together and share information because our territories don’t overlap. As the industry has consolidated and travel expenses are beginning to tighten, local marketers can still take advantage of the CTAM experience at the local level.

Rooney said local chapter membership has risen 10% since 2006. Seventy-five percent of local chapter members are highly satisfied with their membership compared to 65% of national-only members, according to a recent satisfaction survey conducted by CTAM.

Moreover, chapter membership has grown 66% since 2001, while national membership has remained steady showing that industry executives are increasingly seeing the value of belonging to the national CTAM organization and their local chapter.

“Local members pay about $25 more than the national membership but they get so much more from being members of the national organization, as well as their local chapter,” he said. “If you are new to the industry or to your role, belonging to a local CTAM chapter is a great way to learn about the industry or your position, as well as introduce yourself to others without having to leave town.”

Total 2008 numbers haven’t yet been tallied, but in 2007, the local CTAM chapters produced 84 events and meetings that were attended by 6,836 members. The chapter leaders have really upped the ante when it comes to events and programs, Rooney said.

“SkiTAM [presented by CTAM’s Rocky Mountain chapter] set the bar,” Rooney said. “And now many chapters have signature events including TexTAM; the Blue Ribbon Breakfast in New York; and BeachTAM in Florida, among others.”

“I was a field marketing guy for 18 years before going to corporate and I was a CTAM chapter president and know first-hand how valuable being a member of the local chapters can be. I get it and apparently so do a lot of other industry members in the field,” Rooney said. “The local chapters are the hidden jewel of CTAM and they offer terrific value and they don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. I wanted to give them that recognition this year.”

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