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CTAM Trivia

Where was the first CTAM Summit Held?

In Atlanta in 1976

How many people attended?


In 1984, the Summit was held in New York. 1,250 members attended. This was the first year of the Mark Awards.

How many Mark Awards has CTAM given out over the past 25 years?

Approximately 2,950 Awards

Are the most awards being given out this year (172)?

No. In 1998, 177 awards were given out at the 15th annual ceremony

How many companies (total MSOs, networks, etc.) participated the first year?

There were 47 winning companies.

How many winning companies are there this year?

Approximately 68 winning companies, but 143 entered.

How many international companies?

3 companies (from Canada and The Netherlands)

This year, which awards category received the most entries?

Program Promotion and Tune-In

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