CTAM Live: Hunting For ‘CBFF’ Game


Boston—There was a new sport played at last week’s CTAM Summit ’08: Sportsman Channel rep hunting.

The network devised a scheme that had operator representatives tracking them down at the summit, which they dubbed CBFF (cable’s best friend forever).

Each of the five network reps at the show wore a badge trimmed with a different color. Affiliates could ask the rep for a ribbon of the same color and the first 25 attendees who collected all the colors earned a cool premium: an iPod Touch.

Of course, while obtaining the ribbon, the hunter was pitched on adding the channel to their lineup.

Mark Kang, vice president of affiliate relations, said the viral marketing stunt was so successful that it sounds like the reps had barely a moment of peace. One affil ran up the stairs after a rep at the Ziggy Marley concert at the Wang Theater Monday night, intercepting the rep that was headed to the bathroom.

Others were trapped by affiliates badge-surfing at the escalator exits, or stalked in restaurants, Kang said.

Sounds like a funny way to make friends!

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