CTAM Live: PlumChoice Presentation Tackles Churn

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BOSTON—PlumChoice will host a presentation on checking churn at the CTAM Summit ’08 Monday evening.

The provider of technological support services for service providers, as well as home, office and small business customers, said Healey will examine ways telecom vendors can increase revenue and reduce subscriber churn.

Those attending the invitation-only presentation, scheduled for Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. an McGreevy’s Boston (911 Boylston St.), will also receive a white paper, sponsored by PlumeChoice, on the topic.

“Subscriber churn has always been a problem for telecom service providers, but controlling it has become increasingly critical in today’s hyper-competitive and economically challenging environment. Customer car has proven to be a key factor in preventing subscriber defections,” said PlumChoice CEO Ted Werth in a statement. “Our Safelink platform is the most comprehensive and cost-effective strategy for delivering a high-quality remote and on-site customer service experience.”