CTAM Live: Rollins Rolls In South Africa, Northern Ireland


BOSTON--Following Uncut from Israel which premired last year, Henry Rollins returns to IFC in November with specials exposing the realities political injustice and violence in South Africa and Northern Ireland.. 

Rollins goes Uncut From South Africa on Nov. 14 at 10:30 p.m. With a narration from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rollins travels through the nation, exploring itself beautiful countryside. Although the end of apartheid signified new beginnings for the citizens of South Africa, Rollins discovers an underdeveloped, underemployed and malnourished population that faces the pandemic threat of AIDS as an everyday reality. 

The following Friday, IFC premieres Uncut From Northern Ireland. In this special, Rollins, long a critic of the American occupation in Iraq, presents a case study paralleling the occupation to the conflict that turned Northern Ireland into a battleground for 30 years and represented decades of sectarian violence that was escalated by Britain’s military occupation of the region.

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