CTAM: Most Subs Don't Surf System Sites


Nearly four out of five cable subscribers with Internet access have yet to access the Web site of their local system, according to the results of a recent Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing study.

Of those cable customers with Internet access who responded to CTAM's latest Pulse survey, 77 percent said they had not yet visited their system's Web site. And of the 23 percent of respondents who have logged to an operator's Web site, only 4 percent said they did so frequently, compared with 12 percent who said they rarely use the site and 7 percent who said they are occasional visitors.

But of those who did access the site, 69 percent said they found the information they were looking for "every time" or "most times." The top two pieces of information cable subscribers searched for on system-produced sites were program schedules and available service tiers. Other visitors sought out data on digital-cable developments, channel lineups and pricing.

Twenty-one percent of respondents who said they'd never visited a system Web site said they'd look for program schedules or channel-lineup information. But the largest segment of that group said they didn't know what type of information they might seek.

Internet access "presents a strong marketing opportunity for cable companies," CTAM president and CEO Char Beales said in a prepared statement. "Better promotion of cable-company Web sites could drive increased traffic and offer yet another acquisition and retention vehicle for cable products and services."

Communications, Entertainment and Technology Research and Information Service, or CENTRIS, surveyed 629 cable customers nationwide at random for CTAM's Pulse
report, titled "Web Sites as Information Source for Cable Customers."

Participants were contacted by telephone in December and had accessed the Internet within 30 days before their poll participation. The study has a 3.9 percent margin of error.