CTAM in NY: Digital Ideal: 'A Trans Media Storyteller'

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Digital and social media have created new opportunities and new challenges for marketers and the companies they work for.
Digital media has been evolving, according to Steve Rubell, executive vice president of global strategy and insights at public relations firm Edelman speaking at a panel at the CTAM in New York conference Wednesday. At first, digital media was controlled by corporations, but by 2002, anyone who had something to say was able to publish online. Now online consumers have gone from trusting the view of people like themselves to looking for experts, whether in the case of TV programming it's a critic or an onair personality.
"We had and overload of content," Rubell said. "The public is looking for a signal about what they should be paying attention to."
There are a number of forms of digital media these days, and the ideal is to be "a trans media storyteller" and take advantage of opportunities to be a champion of new ideas. There are also opportunities to create connections by curating new ideas, Rubell said, citing a need for those "who can separate art from junk."
Another key is to tell the story by delivering data points in a simple yet compelling way. "We favor content that is fun and visual. People like visuals." Rubell said.