CTAM in NY: Univision Unit Customizes Marketing Approach

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Jennifer Ball said Univision Communications' new parternship unit will provide "marketing for distribution, not distribution marketing."

The U.S. Spanish-language media leader's newly established Distribution Partnership Marketing Group will ensure access for clients looking to strategically integrate their products or services with Univision Communications' 50-year relationship with U.S. Hispanics, its top media assets and some of the most popular Latino personalities, according to senior vice president of distribution marketing Ball, who will lead the unit.

"This is an expansion of what Univision has been building over the past few years," she said. "[The Distribution Partnership Marketing Group] is the touch point for our trust, expertise, talent and brand equity. We want to be and should be the place for marketers to reach out when they are trying to connect with this growing consumer base."

Ball points to Census data trends and the accompanying needs of general-market companies to effectively navigate the nuances of the Hispanic community as key reasons for the group's establishment.

"Over the past three years, 100 percent of the growth in TV households came from Hispanics and Hispanic TV households are projected to grow by another 34 percent by the end of the decade," she said. "Recognizing that many of our distribution partners don't have the internal resources to deliver on the Hispanic growth opportunity, we have organized the Distribution Partnership Marketing Group to better serve our clients as marketing partners."

Ball said the unit is more "like an ad sales department or solutions group than a traditional distribution marketing group."

As such, the group is not only offering marketing acumen, strategic thinking, research, insights and production, but a creative services team that works closely with Univision's programming facilities in Miami.

"This is not off-the-rack marketing, but custom-fitting," she said, noting that the group's handiwork will soon be on display, with several projects nearing completion.

She said that as Univision, which on Oct. 5 announced a deal with Hulu that will make hundreds of programming hours available on that online service, looks to launch a trio of cable networks next year -- channels geared around telenovelas, sports and news -- and attendant TV Everywhere offerings, the Distribution Partnership Marketing Group expects to be engaged in a number of projects.

"We're ready to unlock our content for our distribution partners," she said.