CTAM: People Know VoIP


A recent Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing survey found that 37% of respondents were aware of telephony over the Internet and 28% had specifically heard of voice over Internet protocol.

According to CTAM’s March/April Pulse, "The Telephone Connection," more than one-third of all households surveyed said they would like their cable companies to offer local and/or long-distance telephone service, and interest was particularly high among those who have heard of VoIP.

The data were based on a telephone survey conducted by CENTRIS (Communications, Entertainment and Technology Research and Information Service) as part of its "Access" survey Feb. 19-24.

The sample included 882 randomly selected U.S. consumers 18 or older, and it had a 3.3% margin of error.

Of the weighted respondents, 65% were cable subscribers -- including 25% who were premium-cable customers and 19% who have digital cable -- while 20% were satellite-television customers and 17% didn’t subscribe to any multichannel-video services.