CTAM: Systems' Sites Going Surfless


The majority of cable subscribers with Internet access responding to a
Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing study released Tuesday
morning claimed that they have yet to surf up their local systems' Web sites.

Of those Internet-access customers participating in CTAM's latest
Pulse survey, 77 percent haven't paid their systems' Web sites

Among the Pulse participants who have, 69 percent declared that they
find the information they were looking for on the site 'every time' or 'most

The top two information morsels that cable customers search for on
system-produced Web sites are program schedules and available service tiers.

Internet access 'presents a strong marketing opportunity for cable
companies,' CTAM president and CEO Char Beales said in a prepared statement
accompanying the Pulse findings.

'Better promotion of cable-company Web sites could drive increased traffic
and offer yet another acquisition and retention vehicle for cable products and
services,' she added.

Communications, Entertainment and Technology Research and Information
Service, or CENTRIS, surveyed 629 cable customers at random for CTAM's
Pulse study. They were reached by telephone
early last month.