CTHRA Aims at X, Y


The Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association wants to “Get Hip.”

The trade group will hold a panel during its “Putting the Best to Work Symposium” Oct. 19 in New York, “Get Hip: Attracting and Retaining Gen X and Y.”

According to the CTHRA, the panel “will provide insight into the work-related issues that are important to younger-generation groups, the type of business culture they prefer, and how to motivate and retain them as employees. In addition, attendees will learn how Gen X and Y can bring additional value to their companies by providing first-hand insight into how their peers behave as consumers in the broadband and telecommunications market.”

Panelists include A&E Television Networks director of organizational development Maribel Aleman; Youth Intelligence vice president of marketing, research and business development Amanda Freeman; and XY.tv chief operating officer Dennis Patton.