CTHRA Conducts Employee-Benefits Survey


The Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association Wednesday released some of the highlights from its employee-benefits survey.

The trade group surveyed members from MSOs, programmers and vendors throughout December.

Among its findings:

• 93% of responding companies offer work/life balance benefits, with the most common offerings including employee-assistance programs, flextime, telecommuting and credit unions. In addition, several companies provide creative programs such as on-site ATM banking, concierge services, employee-discount programs, reduced work days during the summer and cafeteria/meal subsidy programs.

• As far as financial planning, 97% offer a company match for their 401K plans and 66% provide pension plans. In addition, 47% provide medical benefits to retirees.

• 83% of the respondents provide educational reimbursement.

63% of participating companies recently made changes or are considering changes to their employee health-care plans.