CTIA Launches Growing Wireless Campaign


Wireless companies have launched a campaign to help parents better educate themselves about tools for helping their kids use wireless broadband responsibly.

The Growing Wireless campaign will include information on cyberbullying, sexting and privacy, and comes as Washington has put a greater focus on mobile apps and the Federal Trade Commission is recommending tightening children's online protection rules.

The campaign will include an overview of CTIA's mobile app rating system.

"The wireless world increases opportunities for our children to connect and learn, but also increases their exposure to bullies, identity thieves, predators and other threats," said National Association of Attorneys General president Doug Gansler of the campaign. "We are pleased that the CTIA is taking steps to provide parents with information about these online risks and practical tools to help them empower their children to navigate the wireless world safely and responsibly."

More information is available at www.GrowingWireless.com.