Current Gets 'This American Life'

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Current TV acquired basic-cable rights to This American Life and will host the U.S. premiere of Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, both next month.

This American Life, premiering Jan. 10, is the televised version of host Ira Glass's program on public radio. It will air Mondays at 10 p.m. Current bought 13 episodes. The show previously aired on Showtime.

Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, premiering Jan. 11 (and airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m.), was a hit series in the United Kingdom that takes a group of strangers with differing food views on a journey from pasture to plate, be they carnivores or vegans or something in between.

Current on Monday said it would air the original docu-series 4th and Forever on April 3. Click this link for a sneak preview.

"We remain committed to investing in long-form programming that provides compelling storytelling of real life and real life issues," network operations general manager James DuBern said in a release.