Cuse Plays Down ‘Returned’ French Connection #TCA15

Producer Says Show Will Find Its Audience

A&E’s new supernatural drama The Returned—about a town where dead people return to the world of the living—will not be a note-for-note remake of the French series on which it is based, according to its producers.

“I think really the starting point is similar, and I think the same is true of The Office,” said Carlton Cuse, who appeared with fellow executive producer Raelle Tucker and members of the show’s cast in a panel at the TCA winter press tour Friday. “I think over time our show becomes quite different, particularly around episode six.”

Tucker spoke to why an adaptation of an existing series is a creatively appealing project.

“To adapt something, you really have to be a huge fan of it to begin with,” she said. “I think coming into this, obviously, we wouldn’t sign on to something that we weren’t particularly in love with as well.”

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