D-Link Bundles Vonage Service with Wireless Router


D-Link announced the availability of its VWR Wireless B/G broadband router with two phone ports bundled with Vonage America's voice-over-Internet-protocol service.

The VWR will be available via Vonage’s Web site (www.vonage.com) for $59.99 after a $40 instant rebate.

The device includes a Wireless-B/G access point; a built-in four-port switch to connect wired Ethernet devices; a router function so that the entire network can securely share a single cable or digital-subscriber-line Internet connection, and two standard telephone jacks, allowing for multiple phone lines.

“With the rapid demand for wireless-networking devices, this partnership enables us to offer D-Link's consumer-friendly, feature-rich voice terminal and wireless-networking technologies -- a simple way for consumers to benefit from Vonage's attractively priced, tiered calling plans,” Vonage Network senior vice president of engineering Daniel Smires said in a prepared statement.