DailyBeast.com's Avlon Officially Named CNN Political Contributor


John Avlon, a political columnist for TheDailyBeast.com, has been named a regular political contributor for CNN.
Avlon had already been contributing to the news network, including launching its "wingnuts of the week" feature on American Morning. But now he will appear across CNN's platforms, focusing on the independent political movement.
David Bohrman, CNN senior vice president of Washington programming and bureau chief, said Avlon will appear on the full lineup of CNN programming as part of the network's diverse group of analysts and contributors.
"Elections are won and lost in the center and having a voice like John that understands centrist philosophy is critical for political conversations," said Bohrman in announcing the addition. "With CNN's commitment to go above and beyond the political spin, John will be able to provide necessary perspective and insight to the network's viewers."