Datria Bowing ‘Ticket’ to Productivity


A new automated communications/productivity tool linking cable-system field
personnel with their home bases is coming from Datria Systems Inc., a
Colorado-based software-applications vendor already providing similar products
for other industries.

Datria's software product, known as "Ticket Management 2.0," lets field
employees call from any location, using any phone brand, and speak directly to a
data center to report or receive job information.

When the employee speaks, his or her voice is converted through the software
to data bits and forwarded to the cable system's enterprise database. The
application reads the data out to be retrieved, then speaks it back to the field

It's almost the same as the employee calling a dispatcher at home, except the
dispatcher is not around.

With that feature, system management can deploy their dispatchers to customer
service or other activities, Datria officials said.

The company will premiere Ticket Management 2.0 next month at Cable
Television Laboratories Inc.'s summer conference. Press demonstrations of the
software are planned for late September, and a Western Show exhibit is being
prepared for December.

Datria CEO James Greenwell claimed that operators could increase their
productivity 15%-25% and cut costs significantly, based on experience

"The ability to get accurate, real-time information to and from the field at
low cost changes the competitive dynamic for our customers," he said in a
prepared statement.