Dauman: Measurement Will Drive TV Everywhere

Viacom Chief Says Prospects For Reliable Measurement ‘Visible’

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said recent moves by ratings measurement giant Nielsen and others to better track viewership on mobile devices could lead to a spike in TV Everywhere deals.

Dauman, speaking at the Nomura Research Media & Telecom Summit in New York Wednesday, said while ratings measurement outside the home is only starting to improve, the prospect of a reliable measure tool is “visible” now, which he said was an important step forward.

Earlier this month ABC announced it was participating in a mobile app measurement study with Nielsen to track content viewed on tablets and smartphones. It was an extension of Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings solution announced in September 2011.

“There is a huge opportunity for both sides of that equation to make TV Everywhere, which has been bandied about for many years now, a reality,” Dauman said at the conference. “That’s good for everybody.”

Dauman added that Viacom has some TV Everywhere deals with distributors for its linear channels inside the home. And though technical issues regarding TV Everywhere service outside the home have largely been solved, the measurement hurdle has yet to be cleared.    

“To get that measurement embedded in the system, whether it’s through the traditional method or a combination of traditional and first party data will be very good for the ecosystem and particularly for us, because there is a real appetite among our viewers to consume entertainment that way.”

Dauman said he was particularly excited about the mobile opportunity, adding that mobile video has done well in certain countries internationally and is on the “verge” of being more important in the U.S.

“Our brands and our content will live very well in that area,” Dauman said.