Dave Matthews Cuts Up With Cablers Backstage


Smile - and say "weed"?

The Dave Matthews Band played New York's newly renovated Beacon Theater June 1, a concert recorded by the Cablevision Systems-owned Fuse music network for a June 7 airing.

In attendance was one Sam Howe, DMB fan and Time Warner Cable's chief marketing officer. After the show, Howe was invited to meet the front man himself by Brad Samuels, Fuse's executive vice president of content distribution.

Matthews, who has a reputation as a bon vivant, circulated the room and chatted up the guests. Samuels persuaded him to get a picture of the three of them, whereupon Matthews requested an outtake: "Let's do a drunk, stoned one!"

The two cable guys complied, but as Howe recalled later, "I said to Brad, 'I don't have a problem with that, as long as it's not the last picture we take.'"

It wasn't: Fuse's photog snapped at least one more, reproduced here, with Samuels on the left and Howe to the right of Matthews.

To be honest, The Wire rather wishes we could have seen the one that got away.