DAVETV to Use Sigma Chips


Broadband Internet-protocol-TV company and content aggregator DAVETV said Tuesday that it will use Sigma Designs Inc.’s “EM8620” chip set in its “Xport” digital-media receiver.

The EM8620 is a stand-alone media processor for decoding Microsoft Corp. Windows Media Video 9, MPEG-2 (Moving Picture Expert Group), MPEG-4 and audio formats capable of playing 720p (progressive) native HD content. The chip set also upconverts standard-resolution 480i (interlaced) content for playback at 720p.

DAVETV -- an acronym for Distributed Audio Video Entertainment -- offers traditional programming such as movies, music, music videos and sports, as well as new original content self-published by end-users, using secure peer-to-peer networking via a PC-based software package called the “DAVE Media Center.”