The `DCT-2000's' Mini-Me

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Motorola Broadband Communications Sector is unveiling the 'DCT-1700'
interactive digital set-top, designed to have the capabilities of the workhorse
'DCT-2000' line at a lower cost.

The DCT-1700 provides for video-on-demand, pay-per-view and an electronic
program guide, but at a lower cost due to simpler design features.

'With research studies indicating a direct correlation between multiple
digital set-tops per household and customer satisfaction -- as well as increased
usage of VOD and other interactive services -- tools to economically increase
digital penetration within the home are becoming increasingly important,' said
Carl McGrath, corporate vice president and general manager at Motorola

Insight Communications Co. Inc. said it plans to use the DCT-1700 in its
whole-house digital packages, Motorola Broadband said.

The company expects to ship the box by year's end.