Deadspin: NFL Broadcasters Reduce ‘Redskin’ References

Study shows ‘Washington’ has Overtaken as Name of Choice in First Two Weeks of Season

Sports website Deadspin says NFL announcers are using the term "Redskins" for Washington's football team "significantly less often" this season than last.

The team is under pressure from inside and outside Washington to change the name, which some Indian groups have labeled a dictionary-defined slur similar to the N-word.

Deadspin said it had compared the NFL TV broadcast scripts for the first two weeks of the 2014 and 2013 seasons, and that in 2014, "Redskins" was used 67 times, vs. 156 times for Washington. In 2013, Redskins had outpaced Washington 186 to 156.

It pointed out the higher volume in 2013 was probably because Washington played in the premiere Monday Night Game, which would have gotten much national play.

The Change the Mascot campaign, which this week called on league owners to pressure the team to change the name, welcomed the news.

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