Deal Spurs Talk, Speculation


The planned Saban Capital-led purchase of Univision has elicited a full set of reactions among Hispanic marketing and media executives ranging from blasé cynicism to genuine concern about the future of Univision's programming agreement with Televisa.

"Such the drama in our little industry," drolly observed one media buyer at a Hispanic agency. "But do we have to talk and talk and talk about it?"

Bromley Communications vice president of media services Debra Nason said, "My major question is how is this going to affect Univision's programming long-term. We can't replace the novelas with Power Rangers,” a reference to Saban’s interest in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV franchise.

SíTV head Michael Schwimmer said, "The good news about the sale of Univision for SíTV is that it highlighted the growth potential of a network like ours and brought it into the limelight."

Schwimmer added, "The Hispanic market is certainly big enough for all of us."