Debate Sacks Football For Sling TV Viewers

Clinton-Trump showdown outdoes Monday Night Football on streaming service

Spurred in part by a free 18-hour preview Sept. 26, Sling TV broke its previous viewership record, with viewers overwhelmingly choosing the 9 p.m. debate between Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over NFL Monday Night Football, the streaming service said Tuesday.

“We know our customers love football, but last night it wasn’t even close,” said Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch in a blog posting.

At its peak, 68% more Sling TV viewers were watching the debate than ESPN’s NFL Monday Night Football contest between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints. For those interested, the Falcons won, 45-32.

In his blog post Lynch said the preview shattered all previous viewership records for the streaming service.

Despite Trump’s questioning of Clinton’s stamina, Sling TV viewers stayed for the long haul in watching the debates. About 30% of Sling TV viewers watched the entire debate, compared to only 3% for football. In addition, about 53% of total Sling TV Orange viewership tuned in to CNN during the night.