Delaware Judge Focusing on Redstone’s Competency

Court expects incumbent board members to stay in place during proceedings

The Delaware Chancery Court judge hearing lawsuits over media mogul Sumner Redstone’s attempt to replace the bulk of Viacom’s board, including CEO Philippe Dauman, said that Redstone’s competency “may well” be relevant to the case.

For now, however, when it comes to evidence about Redstone’s competency, he is deferring to ongoing litigation in Massachusetts and California, which are also likely to eventually look at the 93-year-old’s ability to make decisions.

During a hearing Wednesday, he asked lawyers to keep him up to date on development in those other jurisdictions.

“I’m not going to duplicate that. There are questions of human dignity to a very elderly person,” said Judge Andre Bouchard. “That’s treacherous ground to dive into too quickly. And so I’m going to be cautious in that respect, particularly in light of the other proceedings.”

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