In Demand, BMW Films Reach VOD Deal


In Demand L.L.C. will distribute BMW Films' multiepisode short-film series,
The Hire, free-of-charge to consumers on a video-on-demand basis as part
of an agreement between the two parties.

In Demand will offer three installments from the series -- titled
Hostage, Ticker and Beat the Devil -- representatives

Directed by acclaimed directors John Woo, John Carnahan and Tony Scott, the
series follows the pursuits of a character known only as "Driver," who must use
his superb driving skills while encountering unexpected obstacles that put his
abilities to the test.

"We're pleased to announce this important VOD agreement with BMW Films on
behalf of our MSOs," In Demand vice president of product management and
strategic planning David Asch said.

"This agreement is a win-win for everyone because it demonstrates the
merchandising capabilities of free VOD, enhances the value of digital cable and
attracts new digital customers into the VOD space," he added.